Abra Cards is an idea born out of the desire to fill in a gap in the market and a passion for innovation. It is the brainchild of our founder and director, Kelly Heffey who has something of a love affair with greeting cards. She ran a small handmade greeting card company in the UK before relocating to Dubai about 10 years ago. After her grandmother fell down the stairs and she wanted to find a nice card to cheer her up as she recuperated. She couldn’t find any card with that oomph and it turns out this was a blessing in disguise. She decided to put her skills, experiences, and passion to create a 3D pop-up greeting cards brand that is now loved by many!

Cards Made By “Paper Engineers”

We call ourselves “Paper Engineers” and it is a tag we have earned over time. We are known to engineer unique 3D pop-up greeting cards in the UAE tailored for those who want to make a statement. A lot of this has a lot to do with the team we have assembled and the technology we have. We work with foreign specialists to create personalized pop-up designs then we use a blend of cutting edge laser technology and hand stitching to actualize the designs.

Creative and Affordable 3D pop-up greeting cards

We are actually one of the first companies in the Middle East to turn paper engineering into a miniature art form. It is an art that creates 3D pop-up greeting cards to give both senders and recipients a ‘wow’, with an unexpected surprise upon opening.

All of our pop-up cards are not the standard or regular pop up cards. We spice things up with a range of innovative techniques such as origami, kirigami and sliceform technology to create the three-dimensional art forms.

The beauty is that we have a wide selection to pick from. You can get cards covering virtually every season or scenarios. In fact, we are always expanding our selection with an eye on offering cards bespoke with the local culture. We are talking about covering Arab-themed occasions such as Ramadan, Eid and much more.

Did we also tell you that our innovative cards are made with diverse budgets in mind? In other words, you won’t miss a cool 3D pop-up greeting card in your price range from our collection!