About Us

Abra Cards is a newly launched greeting card company, owned and managed by Klick FZE. We are one of the first companies in the Middle East to turn paper engineering into a miniature art form.We specialize in the creation of 3D pop-up greeting cards to give both senders and recipients a ‘wow’, with an unexpected surprise upon opening.

All of our pop-up cards are not the same as a standard card or even a regular pop up card. Our range is put together using a range of innovative techniques such as origami, kirigami and sliceform technology to create the three-dimensional artform.

Abra has a wide collection of cards, covering all seasons and sending occasions with a focus on expanding to develop and launch the Local collection – which will cater for Arabic themed occasions such as Ramadan, and Eid etc

Each of the pop-up cards aims to take the sender and recipient one stage further in delivering a greeting. The 3D range that we have is much more than a card, it is ultimately a gift by using a magic combination of intricate paper engineering with our collection of premium designs.