Bored with the ordinary? Why pop up cards are the better gifts

Gifting is an amazing gesture that shows your appreciation to the other person. It can be on a birthday, anniversary or even a token of gratitude. Gifts have this amazing power to motivate and can even turn a bad day into a great one. The real value of a gift is not in its size or price; it’s about the effort that the other person put into selecting something for you.


 It is not the gift, but the thought that counts

Henry Van Dyke


But nowadays, we see a shift in that process, a lack of thoughtfulness. Think about it, when we are selecting a birthday card for someone, we just go into the gift shop and pick one without even reading it or reflecting on how this the recipient would relate to it. There is another reason that leads to this, and it is the monotonous nature that all kind of greeting cards follow nowadays. Everything looks the same, and there isn’t much variety to it to make it stand apart. So people just pick something related to a theme, and this has been slowly extinguishing the chivalry within the process of selecting greeting cards.

Pop up cards to the rescue!

Pop up cards are a breath of fresh air in the greeting card space. Since every card hides a message to be unraveled, you can’t just pick something that will apply to all. They are capable of making a connection with the recipient. Both regular greeting cards and pop up cards are available in plenty of themes, but pop up cards have a character of their own. So if you are picking one for your friend or family, the message will be clear, and the recipient will know that you have put in the effort to pick a card that relates to them personally.


For example, when you pick a card like the Guitar pop up card  for your friend who loves music or is an artist themselves, then it carries more character than a regular greeting card made for the sake of it. Likewise, think about the impact a Graduation cap pop up card has over a person when he receives this card on his graduation day. These instances are a testament to the impact of pop up cards.



Gifts are meant to be purposeful; it starts with you!


Need one more reason to choose pop up cards? It's you! Yes, ultimately, gifting a pop upcard speaks quite a lot about you. You didn’t pick something for the sake of it, and the recipient will understand it. When you pick a pop up card, it shows effort as a pop up card with a certain design might not connect to everyone. Hence, you will have to pick the one that carries a personal element that relates to the recipient. Again, this shows why gifting a pop card isn’t about the price or size, it's about the gesture, the true meaning behind gifts - that you care!


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