5 birthday pop up cards to make birthdays truly special

5 birthday pop up cards to make birthdays truly special  

Birthday's hold a special space in everyone’s heart. Family and friends make them even more special.

Picking a birthday card as a gift is a simple task, as picking one from a gift shop will do the trick, right? Well, we all know how hard it is to find that special card that we know will make him/her happy. Nowadays all birthday cards lookthe same, andwe need something that shows genuine effort and care in the process of gifting a birthday card. The answer? Pop up cards!

We all remember the excitement we had when we got gifted a pop upcard. Simply put, opening the cards was nothing short of magical! In essence, they are the perfect gift! So let us let you find the 5 best popup cards that can make a birthday truly special.

1. Cake and Candles

The first spot in our list definably goes to the Cakes and Candles pop up card. A birthday isn’t complete without a cake,andthis handcrafted masterpiece is sure to win anyone over. There is also another reason why the cake and candles pop up card is our first suggestion, it’s made to be universal. Even if you do not know the recipient very well, the elegance of this pop upcard will give them the impression that you have put in effort into selecting something that does not follow the same old structure.


2. Heart Boxed Present

The next best thing after the cake? Presents, of course! The Heart Boxed Present pop up card can blow ordinary birthday cards out of the water just with its attention of detail. When you open the card, a heart-shapedboxappears out of nowhere complete with a ribbon!!

Take it to the next level by adding a personalized message inside of the card and the name on the outside. The heart boxed present is also our prime suggestion if the recipient is your significant other.


3. 4x4 Off-road truck

Finding it hard to pick the right birthday card for your brother or your motorheadfriend? Your search ends here as the 4x4 off-road truck is a sight to behold. The real beauty of this card can only be explained once you open it yourselves as the 4x4 Off-road truck shows how far paper crafting has evolved in the recent years. It’s always hard to please boys or men with a birthday card, but this one will surely do the trick!


4. Birthday teddy bear

Enough with the teddy bear pictures, this teddy bear is party ready with party hat and birthday cake! When you open this pop up card, the teddy bear comes to life and sits there holding a cake ready to celebrate, smiling. Add a personalized message, and you are looking at a smart and special birthday card.

We even have a few other teddy variations too! Check out our teddy bear pop up range here - Teddy Bear Pop Up Collection


5. Cherry Blossom

Flowers are a great way to express feelingstowards one another. In the Japanese culture, pink cherry blossoms symbolize fragility and the beauty of life. When you connect it with birthdays, the means intensifies even more. The Pink Cherry Blossom pop up card is made with great attention to detail as the paper is intricately cut to emphasize the blossom petals. It is the perfect birthday gift for someone who likesto embrace the little details in life.



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