What to Write in Your Mother’s Day Card

 What to Write in Your Mother’s Day Card


Every year, around the world, on varying dates, depending on where in the world they live, millions of people show their appreciation for their mothers by gifting them with a Mother’s Day card.

There are a huge selection of Mother’s Day cards and gifts to choose from with varying designs and verses but as we all know, it’s what you write inside your Mother’s Day card that counts the most. Here are our top tips on what to write and how to write it to make your mum feel that extra bit special and to let her know how much you care.


Make It Personal

There will be many moments and experiences that only you and your mum have shared. These are special memories which if you mention them in your Mother’s Day card will surely bring a smile to her face or maybe even a tear to her eye.

You may have shared a special day together or your mum may have done something special for you in the past that you really appreciated, and you did not say as much at the time. Referencing these small but important details that are personal to only you and your mum within your Mother’s Day card message will mean so much and show that you really appreciate her.

Say Thank You

Being a good parent means there will have been many times your mum has made sacrifices for your benefit.

Not only might she have gone to work to earn money to provide for you but, from the day you were born she will have most likely fed you, clothed you supported you and comforted you.

So many people take these things that their mums do naturally for granted and seldom realise the work and sacrifice involved until they have children of their own.

Try to think about all the times your mum has been there for you and provided for you in every way and thank her in your Mother’s Day card message referencing what you are thanking her for; even if it is just doing your weekly washing or making you your favourite meal or providing a shoulder to cry on in times of trouble.

Be True to Yourself

Your mum is most likely one of the people who knows you better than anyone. If you are not the sort of person to write war and peace in her card, don’t worry, it is not how much you say, it is what you say and how you say it that counts. If you have a special saying you use or funny names for each other then be true to you and your relationship with your mum and include that in your Mother’s Day card greeting.

Most important of all is to mean what you say and to make your mum feel special and let her know how much you love and appreciate her.

So, now you have some inspiration as to what to write for your mum on Mother’s Day all that’s left to do is find the perfect Mother’s Day Card.to deliver that message in.

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